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Who Will Win In The Battle Of The Frenchie vs Big Labrador


Who will come out on top and in charge? This bold but adorable French Bulldog puppy faces off against a giant (in comparison) chocolate lab in this heartwarming video.

Although they may be slight competitors, it is clear that they are the best of friends. They are truly cute together!

I think animal best friends are one of the most precious and cute things. There have been strange pairings in the past, like lions and dogs, cats and dogs, bunnies and dogs, and even prairie dogs and dogs, but honestly, what’s better than two dogs that are best friends and love each other?

This video is absolutely priceless. Dogs are very loyal and loving towards their owner, but they are loving and loyal towards their friends and pet siblings as well! They would do anything, even lay down their own lives, to protect those that they love.

Do you have two dogs at home? Are they the best of friends? Do they get along but have a little competition like these two at the same time? Let us know in the comments below! Also, make sure to share this video with your friends and family after watching it yourself to make their day that much better! ❤️


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