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We’re Already Jealous of North West’s Hair and She’s Only 4 Years Old


There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make beautiful offspring!

In a photo posted to the reality star’s Instagram on Tuesday, July 12, four-year-old daughter North West is seen peering out at the ocean in Malibu — and the tot’s natural curly hair has never been more on fleek.

It looks like Kim is letting the mini fashionista wear her brunette tresses down more often these days. For awhile, every photo of North featured a slicked back bun.

But her ever-changing ‘do isn’t the only reason the sassy youngster is making headlines. Fans were shocked to see North wearing a corset and slip dress from her parents’ new kids line on July 9. Needless to say, some people on social media thought the outfit was completely inappropriate for her age.

“North west wearing a ‘corset’? Let the child be a child,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another said, “SOMEBODY PLS TELL ME WHY NORTH WEST GOT A CORSET ON FOR REAL THO… WHAT SHE TRYNA SHAPE UP??? SCREAMING.”

Kim also faced backlash on Snapchat for debuting a velvet bikini as part of The Kids Supply brand. “Kim Kardashian is a bird brain. Why is she selling a silk, leopard print dress with lace and a velvet bikini on her kids’ line,” one follower commented before another added, “Baby girl don’t you have kids, don’t do that. When you have kids you don’t even wear a bikini, it’s not motherly.”

When discussing her daughter’s style, the KUWTK star previously said, “North has totally changed. Now her favorite color is pink… And my daughter likes to dress like me so if I’m like, ‘Look, you have this necklace like mommy,’ she’ll say, ‘Oh my gosh, okay!’ So she’ll want to put it on.”


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