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WEETS 1 COMMENT JANUARY 12, 2018 9:40AM EST Taylor Swift Fans Find All The Secret Words In Her ‘End Game’ Video — Did You Catch Them All?


Taylor Swift dropped a new music video, so you know the drill: time to unearth some Easter eggs! Here’s what you probably missed in the ‘End Game’ vid.

After all the teasing, Taylor Swift‘s “End Game” music video is finally here and it really took the lyric “we do the most” to heart. There’s yachts and Future driving fancy cars, and a bunch of different ritzy parties throughout the world, because nothing is too extreme for the New Taylor as she tries to find her endgame. But once you get past all the glitz, glamour, adorable exchanges with Ed Sheeran, and realizations that it’s just an amped up version of the “22” video, you’ll get to a point where you think about how much you just want to be Tay’s best friend.  But after that, it’s time to start finding all the secret messages that the 10-time Grammy winner is known for sprinkling throughout her work — and thanks to die-hard Swifties, some messages have already being decoded.

There’s a frame in the video where Taylor walks down a street in Tokyo, passing some neon signs written in Japanese. Tumblr user chansukcatsmile translated the messages and found that they are, in deed, very Taylor. “End Game,” “A-Team, “Your First String” and “Reputation” are all call-outs to the song itself, while the star’s cats also make an appearance with the messages “Meredith” and “Olivia” also being present among the bright lights.

Elsewhere in the video, Taylor rocks a t-shirt with a giant “A” emblazoned on the front. While this could just stand for “A-game,” a fan pointed out it might hold a deeper significance. “A for Alwyn????” a Twitter user asked. Seeing as how the song definitely seems to be a giant shout-out to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 26, this could totally be plausible! And if you aren’t convinced, there’s one more letter that pops up throughout the video. After arriving in London (which, btw, is where Joe is from), fans noticed she starts rocking the necklace with his initial ’round her neck. So basically, she traveled the world to find her endgame in London, and if that isn’t the cutest message we could’ve gotten out of this video, I don’t know what is.


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