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Was Selena Gomez Dissing Demi Lovato & Gigi Hadid With Instagram Unfollow? The Truth


Selena Gomez unfollowed both Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadid in a recent Instagram clean sweep. Are they no longer friends? Get EXCLUSIVE details here!

Selena Gomez, 25, recently decided to clean out her Instagram account by deleting a bunch of accounts that she was following, including Demi Lovato‘s and Gigi Hadid‘s. Does this mean they are no longer on talking terms? “Selena did not intend to offend anyone personally by unfollowing them during her Instagram purge,” a source close to Selena. “She still doesn’t even follow Justin [Bieber]. Selena‘s goal for the new year has been to spend less time scrolling and trolling through social media and less time staring at her phone. She is fine posting to Instagram but she wants to spend more time being present with the ones she loves. To make things easier, she cleaned out her followers hoping it would be less of a tempting distraction for her.” Check out some of Selena’s best pics here!

With all that Selena’s been going through, it would make sense she wouldn’t want many distractions. After undergoing a kidney transplant last Summer due to her battle with lupus, and dealing with some reported friction with her mom, Mandy Teefey, due to disagreements about her relationship with Justin, it seems like she could use a mental break! It hasn’t been that long since Selena angrily spoke out about an interview she did with Billboard magazine and made her Instagram account private for 24 hours, so it makes sense that her presence on social media is a soft spot for her.

Selena’s Instagram is still public, but it definitely seems like the recent purge is a clue that she’s being careful and taking control of what kind of posts she sees and/or interacts with. We’re glad she’s taking steps to be not only physically healthy, but mentally healthy too!


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