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Travis Scott Claims His Women Use ‘Plan B’ & Fans Are Questioning If He’s Really Kylie’s Baby Daddy


Kylie Jenner, 20, is supposedly pregnant by Travis Scott, 25, but on his new track “Moon Rock,” the rapper seems to claim that anyone he sleeps with uses Plan B protection! “Took all of my n*ggas off Xans, all of my b*tches on Plan B,” he declares on the first verse, which is obviously a direct contradiction to the reports that Kylie is expecting. Or is he just saying that he’s not the father? Listen below and hear for yourself!

Some fans are playfully dragging Tyga for the reference. “‘All of my b*tches on Plan B’…Uh Travis you know Kylie pregnant right😂,” one fan joked. “Travis just said all his h**s on plan b . . . Uhhhh one must not be . . . The one that’s pregnant,” another Twitter user pointed out.

Others are questioning Kylie’s pregnancy entirely — or, rather, that Travis is the one responsible for her unborn child. “In Moon Rock Travis said all my b*tches on Plan B so is Kylie Jenner pregnant or nah?” one fan asked. “Does that one plan b verse from Travis mean he ain’t having a kid with Kylie?” another echoed. Well, considering the drama going down between Kylie and Tyga right now, many fans probably wouldn’t be crushed if it turned out he wasn’t the dad after all!


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