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The Kardashians’ Christmas Presents Are Bougie AF


If you aren’t entirely disconnected from society you know damn well that there’s nothing more extravagant than the KarJenners and their surrounding kin, and that means Kardashian Christmas gifts have got to be extra AF. Like, legit, this a family that clothes their babies in fur coats and throws luxury cars around Oprah style. So since it’s the season to get superficial and show your affection via material objects, we decided to unpack some expensive Kardashian Christmas gifts and compare them to what we’re probably giving and getting this year.

North West: Charlotte Olympia Slippers

This marks a simpler time in the couture-heavy life of Nori, before she was loading up on little Fendi bags left and right. For baby’s first Christmas, she got a huge haul of designer items, and these little slippers were the most modest gift… yet you’re still not about to throw down this kind of money for your niece anytime soon.

Price Tag: $125

Equivilent To: About seven pairs of baby bunny slippers from H&M.

Kourtney and Khloé: Cake Made From Soul Food

KhloMoney was a little uncertain about this “cake” and it’s mashed potato frosting, lamenting that she was going to ruin her diet (Kourt was on board). The Bree’s Cakes concoction was a treat from family friends/flawless couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and it was not cheap.

Price Tag: $250

Equivilent To: About 12 (and a half) fruitcakes from Harry & David.

Khloé: Giuseppe Zanotti and Jennifer Lopez Collab Peep-Toe

It must be nice having famous friends. J.Lo decided to send Khloé a pair of ultra lux, jewel-encrusted shoes from her collab with Giuseppe Zanotti.

Price Tag: $2,995

Equivilent To: About 23 pairs of Steve Madden peep-toes (at full price).

Kylie: Diamond Promise Ring from Tyga

What even was Tyga promising to Kylie? Like, we get the sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t virginity, and since they certainly aren’t together anymore, Tyga should probs ask for it back. Whatever, this not-engagement ring definitely cost a lot more than whatever miniscule rock your best friend got from her college boyfriend, Steve, over the holidays. Ugh, Steve.

Price Tag: Reportedly $33,000

Equivilent To: About 17 engagement rings at Jared’s.


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