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Snooki Decides Not to Sign a Prenup — Plus 9 Other Celebrity Couples Who Have Made the Difficult Decision


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West — Prenup

They both have plenty to live off of if they were to separate, but the reality star will still get a cool $1 million for every year they’re married, capped at $10 million. She also gets to keep their Bel Air mansion (which is still unfinished) and any jewelry or gifts the rapper has given her, including that 15-carat engagement ring.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban — Prenup

The country singer was set to receive $640,000 for every year the couple are married, but that was only if he didn’t abuse drugs. Unfortunately, Keith won’t get a dime if they split given he entered rehab in 2006. Luckily, the two appear to be happier than ever!

Beyoncé & Jay-Z — Prenup

Though they’d do just fine on their own if they were to divorce, the power couple’s prenup heavily favors the diva. She is said to get $5 million for each child they have together, plus $1 million for every year they’re married. So if they were to split tomorrow, Bey would be $11 million richer.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi — No Prenup

Married since 2008, the talk show host — who’s worth an estimated $285 million — called prenups “unromantic.” While that’s true, we hope the statement doesn’t come back to bite her.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel — Prenup

Knowing her beau is somewhat of a player, the actress wrote a fidelity clause into their prenup, stating that she will receive $500,000 if Justin were to cheat on her. Given that he’s worth an estimated $175 million, we’re guessing that’s chump change to him!

Prince William & Kate Middleton — No Prenup

We’d be surprised if these two were to ever get divorced, but just look at former fairytale couple Princess Diana and Prince Charles. We know for a fact that Wills never has to worry about money and we highly doubt Kate would find herself homeless if she were to split from the royal family.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones — Prenup

If the couple, who have a 25-year age difference, were to divorce, the ‘Chicago’ actress is set to receive $2.8 million for every year of marriage. And if her award-winning husband were to cheat? Another $5 million in the bank. If the pair hadn’t reconciled after their brief split last year, Catherine would be walking away with approximately $36.4 million.

Larry King & Shawn Southwick — No Prenup

Even after eight marriages, the legendary radio and television host didn’t sign any papers before getting hitched to current wife Shawn. Though if they finalized their divorce in 2010, she would have walked away with an estimated $72 million — the pair have since reconciled.


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