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Selena Gomez ‘In Love’ With Justin Bieber’s Completely Tattooed Body: It Adds To His ‘Hotness’


Aww! Selena Gomez is obsessed with Justin Bieber’s tattoos! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why she thinks they makes him look even hotter than he already is.

For some, tattoos are a deal breaker, but for Selena Gomez, 25, Justin Bieber’s tattoos are a deal maker. The “Wolves” singer is in love with Justin’s inked out body, and she’s not ashamed to say it! “With the amount of art that Justin has on his body now, it is quite different from what Selena was familiar with and she loves it. She loves it because all of his tattoos actually mean something to him and he also stays in such spectacular shape that they look good as well. She really is a visual person and Justin’s tattoos absolutely add to his charm and hotness. She is all about it,” a source close to Selena.

We can’t blame Selena for being obsessed with Justin’s tattoos. The man can pull off almost anything! In total, Justin has over 56 tattoos now. Isn’t that shocking?! So what exactly does he have on his body now? After dedicating his life to God, the “What Do You Mean” singer recently got a tattoo of a tiny cross below his left eye. How meaningful! The tattoo represents his journey with religion. Keeping with his faith, Justin has a different tattoo of the scripture Psalm 119:105 which reads, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Another tattoo of importance is Justin’s Stratford Cullitons ink. The tattoo is located under his left shoulder blade, and it pays homage to his grandpa who took him to Stratford ice hockey games when he was younger. Justin is a huge hockey enthusiast and was recently spotted taking lessons in Los Angeles. We have to stand with Selena and say we love Justin Bieber’s tattoos too!


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