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See Kim, Kylie, and the Rest of the Kardashian Family’s First Instagram Selfies!


Keeping up with the Kardashians got a little bit easier thanks to Instagram!

The social media platform launched in 2010, just three years after the premiere of KUWTK, and it wasn’t long before Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and the rest of the Kardashian family was taking over.

Today, the family has amassed a following of over 425 million people combined, and Kim is the fifth most followed person on Instagram in the world.

Along with keeping in touch with their fans, the reality stars also credit social media for the success of their careers.

“There are pitfalls. Lack of privacy, loss of privacy. And that’s not for everyone. For me, I can handle it,” Kim told 60 minutes in 2016 before her Paris robbery. “I totally attribute my career to social media.”

She continued, “It is a talent to have a brand that’s really successful off of getting people to like you for being you.”

However, Kim and her sisters weren’t always the social media pros they are today. Thanks to photo editing apps and plenty of practice, the family has come a long way from their very first Instagram selfie.

“My first Instagram pic… Kisses for Instagram,” Kim captioned her very first Instagram photo, which featured her pouting for the cameras.

Kylie strategically cropped out her lips in her first selfie and Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the social media platform.

To look back at the Kardashian family’s first Instagram selfies, check out the gallery below!


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