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Rihanna’s ‘Soulmate’ Hassan Jameel Is Not A Fan Of Chris Brown Even Though She’ll ‘Always Love Him’


Rihanna’s beau Hassan Jameel is not too fond of her ex Chris Brown even though the former couple seem to have a lasting connection. Get EXCLUSIVE details here!

Rihanna, 29, may be having the time of her life with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel but he’s not too thrilled with her ex Chris Brown, 28, whom she claims she will always love. “Hassan is not a fan of Chris Brown—at all—he thinks he’s a thug, and a woman beater,” a source close to Rihanna EXCLUSIVELY . “Rihanna knows there’s a whole other side to Chris though, and she will always love him, even though they are not in contact any more. Rihanna knows she can’t ever get back with Chris, and she’s totally moved on from that time in her life—but she can’t just close off those feelings that she had for him. She’s really happy with Hassan though, and she’s crazy in love. She can definitely see herself marrying him and having his children, he’s her soulmate.” Check out some pics of Rihanna and Chris throughout their relationship here!

Chris’ feelings about Rihanna seem to mimic her sentiments as well.  He recently made headlines when he painted a mural that included an image of the search warrant he received after getting in trouble with the law for assaulting Rihanna. He’s also often spoken out about how he will always love his ex lady and how he is constantly reminded of the infamous dark time in his life, which he regrets. Despite the issues these two have had over the years, they always seem to come together when they need each other most.

While Rihanna’s connection with Chris may always be there, her relationship with Hassan has proven to be stronger and better than ever. The duo’s serious courtship has caused some speculation that they may already be engaged and getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together. From London getaways to PDA-filled outings, these two look like they’re in it for the long haul!


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