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REPORT: Kylie Jenner Reacts Like a Child to Tyga and Blac Chyna’s Reconciliation News Because She Is a Child


Blac Chyna and baby daddy Tyga sparked rumors that they’re getting back together on Sunday, April 30, when they were spotted partying at the same club in Miami. Even though the duo just got out of serious relationships with members of the Kardashian clan, fans never expected the former couple to find comfort in each other’s arms.

Even after witnesses tweeted about the sighting, followers still had trouble believing that the rapper and model are an item again. “I don’t think Chyna would ever take him back. Chyna is a totally different person from when she was dating Tyga,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person who’s having trouble with the idea is Tyga’s ex, Kylie Jenner. “Tyga and Chyna are not reconciling as far as she’s concerned, been there done that,” a source told Hollywood Life. “One day, she’s spitting mad at Tyga, calling him a loser and wants nothing to do with him, the next she’s super sad and saying she misses him.” Chyna’s former fiancé, Rob Kardashian, is also said to be “super pissed and upset.”

Chyna, Tyga, and son King Cairo in 2014. (Photo Credit: Splash)

Tyga and Chyna also spent time in Las Vegas over the weekend of March 6, shortly after breakup rumors surrounding the rapper and Kylie first surfaced.

Even though the 28-year-old mother-of-two isn’t technically with Rob anymore, the KUWTK star still posts flirty messages directed at his ex on Instagram, and Tyga is reportedly still hung up on Kylie — despite the fact that she’s moved on with Travis Scott.

“Tyga’s beginning to feel quite threatened by Travis and for the first time ever thinks he could end up losing Kylie,” a source recently told Hollywood Life.

Plus, the “Rack City” hitmaker doesn’t feel like he can compete. “Travis is winning at life! He’s on a successful tour, he’s killing the rap game and every time he turns around he’s being offered a new opportunity of sorts,” the insider stated. “It’s been a while since Tyga’s seen that type of action and the more he thinks of it, the more Travis sounds like the perfect dude for Kylie.”


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