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Puppy Is Reunited With Cop Who Saved Him From Drug Dealers, Says Thanks In Heartwarming Manner


When we have our head down and are working toward our future, we often forget to be grateful for the things we have in life. We usually look for more and better things without appreciating all the beautiful things we do have. While there most certainly is nothing wrong about striving for new and better life circumstances, if you have family in your life you’re blessed. If you have a home to sleep in every night, you’re blessed. If you have good health, you’re blessed.

Many of us take these blessings for granted and only appreciate them when they are gone. And that is unfortunate because we have an opportunity every moment to choose to be grateful and feel the love in our lives.

The puppy in this video knows how to be grateful. After a police officer saved the dog, whose name is Bubba, during a high-stakes drug bust in California, the distressed dog was rushed away from the derelict motel room and was brought to Orange County Animal Care.

But Bubba was just a puppy. Nevertheless, the animal organization found that Bubba tested positive for drugs. That means the people who were “taking care of him” before the police officer arrived on the scene were force-feeding Bubba dangerous drugs. And as the dog was only a puppy, this was incredibly threatening to his health and wellbeing.

Officer Laurich from the Tustin Police Department was the hero to save Bubba from the California drug den on that fateful day. Because Officer Laurich managed to save the dog while going about his duties, animal lovers around the country are cheering for his success in helping little Bubba start a new life, a life of love and happiness.

In the video below, you’ll watch as Bubba and Officer Laurich are reunited two months after the rescue. Bubba has gone through treatment and has come out the other side a much healthier dog. Bubba is now free from drugs and is on his way to living a happily-ever-after sort of life.

The video was uploaded to the Tustin Police Department’s Facebook page. Here’s what they wrote about the heartfelt reunion.

“Bubba looked very healthy and happy, and both he and Officer Laurich seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time together,” the Tustin Police Department wrote along with the video. “Per assistant director Katie Ingram, Bubba has adjusted very well and is one of the staff’s favorites. She also said Bubba is very social and has multiple rescue groups waiting to take him when he is released.”

Viewers were stunned by the results. Because Bubba was able to get out of the life of an abused, drugged-up dog, they were hopeful for his future. One viewer wrote:

“This is an amazing story of Officer’s who go above and beyond the call of duty and whose hearts have not been hardened by the terrible things they deal with daily. . Thank you, Officer Laurich, for your compassionate heart and helping this trusting little baby Bubba. Amazing how a small bundle of fur can bring such joy and unify people.”


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