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People Say Your Birth Month Reveals Everything About You. Select Your Month And Find Out


Your birth month can say a lot about your personality, and can be a factor in determining what sort of traits you have. Your birth month can tell you:

  • What you like
  • What you dislike
  • Your temperament

If you believe in Astrology, than you are probably already well aware that the study can be eerily accurate in predicting your behavior patterns as well as your interests.

These traits based on your birth month can be so accurate, it’s a little spooky! Check out yours and see if you fit the description.

1. January babies are stubborn, strong willed and ambitious to a fault. They are known to constantly study other people, and try to teach, learn and improve those around them.

2. People born in February are artistic and clever. They are in touch with their personalities and tend to be rebellious and free thinking. They can sometimes be aggressive but with a sensitive side.

3. People born in March tend to be on the shy side, and their real personalities are hidden. They are kind to almost everyone, and they want peace and harmony for everyone. They are also very trustworthy, until that trust is broken.

4. Those born in April are usually athletic, strong and are always in a rush. They love attention and are thrill seekers that are always looking for their next adrenaline rush.

5. Those born in May are attractive, and embrace their left brain more than the right. They have amazing dreams both at night and for the future.

6. June babies are highly sensitive and very polite. They are soft spoken and people really  listen to them.

7. If you are born in July, you are always fun to hang out with, and usually have a fiery personality. You have a lot of wit and energy.

8. Those people born in august are always full of humor. They also are known to have strong leadership qualities and tend to be very personable. 

9. The people that are born in September are detail-oriented, but quick to criticize. They are perfectionists and they expect the same from people in their company.

10. If you are born in October you are talkative and fun. You are full of beauty and are always making friends wherever you go. You are very independent and full of life, and always look on the bright side.

11. People born in November are stubborn and secretive. They possess the ability for greatness when they are focused. They are sharp minded and self motivated, and they don’t want help from anybody.

12. Those born in December are active and influential. They are also very fun to be around, and are naturally the center of attention when they are in a room of people. They take pride in themselves and don’t like to be restricted by anything.


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