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People Need to Get Over Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian’s “Weird” Relationship!


Seriously?! Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian have always been super close, so it was no surprise when the duo posted a selfie together on Instagram.

Scott split from longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian earlier this year, but his relationship with the Kardashian family is stronger than ever.

However, fans were not so keen about the father-of-three hanging out in what appears to be a bed with his former sister-in-law.


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“The Lord and the lady,” Khloé jokingly captioned the blurry image on the social media platform with Scott adding, “Side,” seemingly referring to the 32-year-old beauty as his side chick.

“I think there’s a little more going on there than family love….,” one follower commented while another added, “You claim to love Kourt but you’ve always acted so thirsty around Scott. Get a grip girl.”

In response, Khloé let her haters know exactly how her older sister felt about their relationship.

“Ummm she took the picture. He’s my brother you weirdo,” she wrote.

Longtime fans of the reality stars also came to their defense, with one commenter pointing out, “It’s sad that family can not show love for one another without people making assumptions.”

Scott and Koko, his nickname for the KUWTK star, have always had a close bond. From bathtub podcasts to towel selfies, the pair knows how to get people talking, but it’s obvious Scott is not Khloé’s type!

“We were filming one time, we were out, there were so much paparazzi and Scott just grabbed my hand, but like interlocked fingers,” she explained to Complex magazine. “It was for two seconds and I was like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ You don’t interlock fingers with your brother-in-law.’ It was so weird.”


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