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Naughty German Shepherd Was A ‘Bad’ Dog, Struggles Adorably To Hide His Shame


Pets are troublemakers, especially when their owners aren’t home. They would tear the house apart if they could. Dogs will chew up your papers, scatter your laundry, and rip to shreds anything they can find. One dog couldn’t help himself when his owner left some packaging lying around, but after he tore it up he couldn’t hide his shame.

Shadow is a German Shepherd who lives with his loving owner. He is a good dog – for the most part. Recently, though, he has gotten himself into trouble.

When his owner left some styrofoam packaging within his grasp, Shadow couldn’t control his temptation. He ripped it up, and it was oh so fun. He even left evidence of his conquest on the floor. But then came the time when his owner found out.

The dog’s owner walked into the room at night, when it was already dark out. Even without good lighting she could see that there was a mess. She turned on a light and surveyed the scene.

“Shadow,” she said, “What’s this?”

Of course the pup was nowhere to be found, but he quickly came in for questioning. “What’s this, here?” his owner asked him.

Shadow looked down at the styrofoam mess, then he turned around and walked off. This pup couldn’t bring himself to face his owner after what he had done.

The dog went around the counter corner and sat down. He was trying to get away from his owner, but she followed him. He looked at her with big eyes as she asked her question again.

As Shadow’s owner commanded “Come here,” it seemed as if Shadow might actually follow. Then, when she pointed out the packaging, he turned to face the wall. He didn’t want to own up to his actions.

“What have you done? You naughty boy!” the woman exclaimed as the dog sat in the distance staring at her. He circled around again, shuffling even closer to the wall. His expression screamed guilt.

Shadow shifted his gaze downward as his owner scolded him. Since he refused to return to the scene of the crime, she brought the evidence to him. His big brown eyes were full of remorse as she presented the shredded styrofoam.

Of course, animals can’t speak. But this dog certainly seems guilty.

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