Home News Meghan Markle Is Being Shamed for Her “Awful” Christmas Curtsy (Oh No)

Meghan Markle Is Being Shamed for Her “Awful” Christmas Curtsy (Oh No)


Uh-oh, it looks like Meghan Markle might need some extra princess lessons. The newest member of the royal family recently showed a very relatable side to her usually calm demeanor — nervousness. And we can’t say we blame her! On Christmas day at Sandringham’s church, Meghan took her place next to Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton to greet Queen Elizabeth as she passed by with a curtsy (and a bow from the men). Reports say Meghan seemed uncertain, anxious, and even embarrassed by the attempt, though Prince Harry looked to be quick to ease her worries.

Meghan was no doubt feeling the pressure after she became the first-ever fiancée to accompany the royal family to Sandringham for Christmas. Unsurprisingly, Kate’s curtsy was the picture of perfection — but she is a seasoned professional after all.

A royal butler spoke to ITV’s Good Morning Britain about Meg’s wobbly curtsy, explaining that the former Suits actress bobbed too low. For good or for bad, when you’re a royal, your every move is scrutinized. The founder of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy told Now to Love, “She will have to always curtsy to the Queen and she will learn the art of that, which is one foot behind the other and the deep and the longer you stay down shows more respect so she will have to always curtsey to the Queen,” Zarife says.

“Until she becomes Harry’s wife, she will have to curtsy to any royal that has a title that’s royal-blooded so she will have to learn the art of the curtsy very quickly.” Let’s hope for her sake that’s the case.


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