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Mad Husky Won’t Look At Owner But Still Sings Along


Mya the Husky got a new dose of flea spray and she was not happy with her owner for doing it, so she ran away and didn’t make eye contact with the owner. However, the owner knew Mya’s one weakness: her favorite song, Tomorrow, from the movie Annie!

While all dogs are adorable and funny, huskies have a special way of making us laugh with their tendency to talk and sing-along like humans. Countless huskies have become internet sensations after hilarioius videos were posted of them saying things like “I love you”. I don’t care what anyone says, my dogs know how to speak English and I talk to them all the time!

This video reminds me of the Mishka, the talking husky, who sadly passed away in April, 2017 at the age of 14 years old. Mishka is actually one of the reasons I fell in love with husky videos. I can’t get enough of them. Despite being gone from the earth, Mishka will continue to bring smiles to the faces of people around the world with her many hilarious videos on YouTube. Keep posted for a Mishka tribute video coming in the next few weeks.

Now back to this video… This Husky can’t resist howling along to the song when the owner turns it on, even if she’s mad! 😂


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