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Kylie Jenner’s Personal Assistants Reveal Why You Don’t Want to Work for Her


What’s it like to work for Kylie Jenner?!

Well, it turns out, it’s not as ~glamorous~ as you may think! The 18-year-old’s personal assistants took over her Snapchat and revealed her horrifying diva demands!

Click through the gallery to see what it’s like to work for Kylie and other stars!

Kylie Jenner

During a Snapchat takeover by Kylie’s assistants, one revealed, “Kylie asks me for the same f–king smoothie every morning, and I always ask her, ‘What flavor?’ She goes, ‘You should know the flavor,’” the other assistant explained, while the other added that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is “particular” about her beverages, and won’t drink a smoothie if it’s too warm or the straw has been touched!

Mariah Carey

Mimi is known as a diva — but this may take the cake!

The 46-year-old allegedly “can’t work a microwave,” and forces her personal assistant to wash the Elusive Chanteuse’s hair in the shower. Yikes!

Lady Gaga

Jennifer O’Neill, who worked for Gaga from 2009 to 2011 claims that Mother Monster is, well, a monster.

She sued the singer, 29, for nearly $400,000 that she said she was owed in overtime. In court, Jennifer testified that she was “required” to sleep and shower with Gaga.

The Kardashians

The famous family on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is pretty infamous for their troubling approach to pet care — and now, a source revealed that the Kardashians don’t even take care of their furry friends themselves!

“Every time anyone in the family gets a pet the assistant has to take care of them,” the source claimed. “Walking dogs, changing kitty litter, potty training — it’s a huge burden for the rest of the family so the job falls on the assistant to do all the dirty work.”

The source added, “The family ditches their pets when they’re sick of them.”


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