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Kylie Jenner Tokes Topless In Bed, And Somehow, We Love Her Even More


Not to stereotype here, but it’s sort of no surprise that the youngest beauty of The Kardashian Clan is a fan of the marijuana arts. I mean, given that we’ve seen Kylie on the arm of more than one rapper, it’s pretty much a given. Hey! I’m just telling it like it is, nowadays there’s more blunts than booty in those music videos—so, we consider it par for the course.

We’re not judging, in fact, it somehow makes her even more attractive—a statement we didn’t even think possible until just moments ago. To be fair, the photo she posted to her Instagram a couple of hours ago looked professional. It’s possible that the joint was just a prop, but yawwwwnnnn, that doesn’t sound like a whole lotta fun. Also, let’s be real for a second, is a joint ever just a prop in Hollywood? I seerrioousslydoubt it.

We’re aware that Kylie has shared photos like this one before, but no shame in revisiting the subject. I mean, do ya’ll really have a problem with discussing beautiful women smoking weed? If anything, I’d venture to say it’s gotta fall somewhere on your Top 5 favorite things to talk about, no?

In any event, Kylie looks damn good, as Kylie always does. Surely you can find ways of judging, as readers always do, but at the end of the day she’s living her best life. I think we can all agree, opinions of her aside, smoking a doobie topless in bed is a SOLID look for Ms. Jenner and we hope she makes a habit of it.


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