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Kylie Jenner Debuts Natural Hair on Snapchat


Natural hair, don’t care!

Kylie Jenner’s constantly changing hair is usually the result of her seemingly unreal collection of wigs. But recently on Snapchat, the 19-year-old beauty ditched her multicolored ‘dos and overdone makeup for a more natural look — and fans are seriously in awe.

Sporting baby bangs and a black hoodie, the lip kit mogul gave fans a rare peek at her dark brown locks, which are much shorter than those butt-length wigs she likes.

“My hair is just crazy,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told her followers.

In a recent interview with Elle, Ky discussed her ever-morphing style. She even revealed that picking a hue for her tresses is one of the most difficult parts of choosing an outfit.

“For me, I need to try and find a hair color that I haven’t done before,” she said, regarding her Coachella prep. “There’s not much left, but I’m committed to finding new options.”

Though the expensive wigs are incredibly convincing, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner assured fans that she isn’t dying her hair on a daily basis.

“It’s not a secret. I couldn’t do [bleach] on my hair,” she said. “This is much easier…You know, my hair is actually to my shoulders.”


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This new and (more) natural Kylie comes shortly after her mysterious split from Tyga back in March.

These days, the teen beauty is being linked to 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott and the two seem to be head-over-heels for one another.

Their relationship took off at Coachella, and a source revealed to People magazine that the duo got very cozy.

“Kylie and Travis made their way to a private table, where they were joined by friends and enjoyed the deejay,” the source said. “After five minutes of being in a very crowded space, Travis got up and left the table, and Kylie followed him out with her friends following close behind her.”

Even though Kylie is back to her booty-length black hair, we hope beau Travis encourages her to go au naturale more often, because she looks stunning!


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