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Khloe Kardashian Releasing Maternity Denim Line With Good American


Khloe Kardashian has been super successful with her denim company Good American, and now she is expanding the brand — literally — to include maternity wear!

Khloe Kardashian, 33, is about 6 months pregnant, so it makes sense that she is taking matters into her own hands, so she can stay stylish! She broke the news that she is coming out with a maternity denim line on her Instagram story on Jan. 12! She said in a series of videos: “Good morning, guys! I am really, really excited because I received the first prototypes of our Good American denim…I have been working on this for honestly like 6 months, even before I even got pregnant. Which is crazy, I feel like we’re just putting things into the universe. Ask, believe, and you shall receive. I’m all about it. We’ve been working on a maternity denim line called GOOD MAMA. I have the first prototypes, and I’m so excited!”

She continued, “I really miss wearing jeans during my pregnancy. I think you look so cute and chic and there are only so many dresses or leggings I can wear every day. They are not out yet but I am really excited.” She showed two prototypes, adding, “They are so cute. They fit so well. These are like a dream. I have never worn maternity denim before so I’m really excited.” She showed off two pairs — one pair has black elastic on both pockets for stretch and another style has a totally elastic belly “pouch” for you as you get further along and your belly is bigger. This is such a genius move for Khloe and her company!


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