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Khloe Kardashian Baffles Fans By Appearing Without A Baby Bump In Sexy Swimsuit


So, is Khloe Kardashian pregnant or not? The reality television icon rocked a swimsuit in a video announcing of her new line of eyewear – and there was no bump! What’s going on, Koko?

“Introducing the Koko: a fully custom vintage inspired aviator created with reality star and entrepreneur [Khloe Kardashian, 33],” D I F F Charitable Eyewear captioned a Nov. 9 Instagram video. “Just in time for the holidays, our partnership with Khloe allows us to expand our charitable outreach by continuing to provide reading glasses to people in need with each pair purchased!” Maybe D I F F can donate a pair of glasses to all the confused fans who are searching this video for a baby bump – because it’s not there!

In one long shot, the camera just eats up Khloe’s full body as she saunters in a one-piece swimsuit, one that shows off all her curves. While it’s always great to see Koko really feeling herself, this slender figure of hers showed no indication that she’s pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby. This raises so many questions — specifically, is she pregnant or not? Khloe was first reported to be expecting in late September, so it’s quite possible this D I F F video was filmed long before she allegedly put a bun in her oven. Or, it could be some amazing camera work to hide her reported bump. Either way, this video will likely leave some Kardashian baby watchers baffled.

If D I F F employed some Industrial Light & Magic trickery to digitally hide Khloe’s bump, it would a lot more high tech than the methods Khloe has used to hide her alleged pregnancy. Usually, she just wears an extremely baggy shirt or an oversized coat to cover up her figure. Why it’s not terribly clever, it gets the job done whenever she has to go out in public (and that’s when she goes out. Sometimes, like when sister Kendall Jenner turned 22, Khloe just no-shows. That’s definitely a way to hide any signs of a possible pregnancy.)

Days before Khloe ghosted on Kendall’s birthday celebration, this reported mother-to-be dressed up as the Mother of Dragons. Khloe and Tristan, 26, did their best Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa impressions, dressing up as Game of Thrones characters Daernerys and Khal Drogo. Khloe didn’t flaunt a bump then, but she did end up calling Tristan “daddy.” Hmm. Did she confirm their bundle of joy, or was she just enjoying the sight of her man without a shirt?

What do you think about this new video, HollywoodLifers? Are you excited for the next generation of Kardashian babies?


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