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‘Hannah Montana’ Reunion Pics: Oliver, Lilly & Jackson Hang Out — Was Miley There?


There was a ‘Hannah Montana’ reunion on Jan. 10, and it was EPIC. Mitchel Musso, Emily Osment, and Jason Earles were there, but what about Miley Cyrus? See the pics!

Sweet niblets! Mitchel Musso, a.k.a. Oliver, posted two adorable photos of the Hannah Montana reunion at the Bachelor Lions premiere in LA. Emily Osment (Lilly) and Jason Earles (Jackson) posed alongside Mitchel for a series of pictures, making every Hannah Montana fan’s dream come true. We can’t even deal with their cuteness! “Love use,” Mitchel captioned the photos he shared on Twitter. Emily reposted one of the photos on her own Twitter account and wrote, “2018. Some things don’t change.” Even after all these years, these actors still hang out. #Goals!

Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus was not there. But she’s got a good reason. She’s currently in Australia with fiance Liam Hemsworth! Even though Miley has shed her Disney past, would she do a TV reunion? “I don’t know, only if she, like, has an alter ego and is actually me,” Miley told E! News back in 2015. “Reverse it all the way around.” However, she said she probably wouldn’t do a TV reunion back in May 2017. Hey, people change their minds!

The Hannah Montana cast has remained close since the Disney Channel show ended in 2011. Emily and Moises Arias (Rico) staged an epic Hannah Montana reunion at Jason’s wedding to Katie Drysen in Aug. 2017. The 10-year anniversary of the show’s series finale will be happening in 2021. Will these crazy kids and Billy Ray Cyrus, of course, plan the ultimate TV reunion for fans? So many shows — Will & GraceFull HouseRoseanne — have all staged reunions and revivals in recent years. Come on, Hannah Montana cast, let’s make something happen!


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