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Fans Convinced That Kylie Jenner Is Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate Because Of This Small Detail On ‘KUWTK’


‘KUWTK’ may have revealed something huge about Kim and Kylie’s babies — at least, if you ask diehard fans. Find out here!

Who knew that a simple donut could ignite so much controversy? On the January 7 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, an MIA Kylie Jenner sent all of her sisters boxes of bright pink donuts that spelled out their names. It was a (literally) sweet gesture — even if Kourtney Kardashian only sniffed them since she was on a diet. Fun! KUWTK fans have been dissecting every little detail of this season’s episodes, searching for anything that could indicate Kylie’s truly pregnant. And they may have stumbled upon something this time.

Okay, hear us (and them) out. Kylie’s been pretty blatantly trolling her fans on social media by posting photos of pink things. Her manicures, jewelry, and clothing — when she was still posting selfies — have all been pink. On a holiday episode of KUWTK, she even had a hot pink Christmas tree! Sending her sisters pink, glittery donuts could just be another hint that she’s having a girl! Is this the gender reveal to her family?

Even better? Blink and you’ll miss it, but Kim Kardashian was the only sister not to get a box of donuts. Some fans are now convinced that this means Kylie’s not carrying her own baby; she’s Kim’s surrogate. Kim didn’t get a box of donuts because she’s not one of the baby’s aunts: she’s her mother. Hmm….

This is a pretty far-fetched theory, but we love it. KUWTK fans are crazy in the best way. And, you know, if Kylie really just didn’t bother sending Kim donuts for no reason, then that’s pretty shady! Who doesn’t love donuts? We can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


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