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Dog Hears Ice Cream Truck Coming, Yells ‘Ice Cream’ Before Sprinting Towards It


Nothing grabs a kid’s attention like the sound of the ice cream truck. After sports games, these delicious delivery services are surrounded by huge crowds full of children who can’t wait to eat their ice cream. The truck’s music always captivated its customers. This sound could be heard from blocks away, and it always promised a delicious treat. This ice cream truck has an extremely loyal customer – but he’s much fuzzier than you would imagine.

Kodi is an Alaskan malamute who can’t get enough ice cream. Just knowing that the ice cream truck is en route is enough to make this dog sit at attention on his front lawn. He sure loves his frozen treat.

This adorable dog has been ordering ice cream cones and sandwiches just about every day for a while now. One day, his owner decided to film just how excited the pup got when he heard the song of the ice cream truck.

“Look at you, I know you know,” Kodi’s owner said to him as he waited for his favorite business to drive by. The dog was laying on the grass near the sidewalk, but his attention was fixed on the street. The big fluffy dog could not wait to eat his ice cream.

Kodi’s ears strained forward as the music just barely became audible. Suddenly, the pup jumped up into a seated position. The road had his full attention.

“Uh oh!” His owner said, then laughed. “Somebody knows.”

The dog stuck his tongue out excitedly as the ice cream truck drove into view from around the corner. Their number one customer was ready for his treat.

As the truck pulled closer, Kodi began to howl. This dog was so stoked to have his ice cream. When the truck was only a few houses down, the dog made a noise that sounded just like “Ice cream!”.

The truck slowly came to a stop, and Kodi took his place at the counter. He reached up so the ice cream man could pet him, then he waited patiently for his order. This interaction is just too adorable.

Many people love ice cream, but none as much as Kodi. This is one pampered dog who loves his treats. The ice cream truck rolling into town is the highlight of his day!

Watch this cute customer in the video below.

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