Home News Did Nicki Minaj Get Butt Implants? See Her Biggest Booty Moments

Did Nicki Minaj Get Butt Implants? See Her Biggest Booty Moments


Last month, rapper Remy Ma called out Nicki Minaj in an epic diss track where she revealed that the 27-year-old rapper not only has had booty implants, but that they ruptured! Nicki neither confirmed nor denied the accusations about how different she looked before plastic surgery, but the blowup has ignited new interest in the “Anaconda” singer’s backside.

In Remy Ma’s diss track, she raps about Nicki’s butt “popping.”

“And I saw Meek [Mill] at All-Star, he told me your a– dropped, he couldn’t f–k your for three months because your a– dropped,” she rapped. “Now I don’t think ya’ll understand how bad her a– got, the implants that she had put in her a– popped.”

Ouch! After Remy’s brutal comments, there was a lot of public scrutiny over Nicki’s famous butt. Even her ex, Meek, joined in on the fun by liking an Instagram photo that showed a picture of her booty allegedly “dropping.” Dr. Miami himself also tweeted to Nicki, “Too bad I’m booked till 2019.”

As for Nicki, she hasn’t denied getting implants, but she did admit on Extra in 2013 to never having plastic surgery — on her face.

So, did Nicki get butt implants? Check out the gallery to see all the times Nicki’s butt looked shockingly huge.


Nicki made her splash into the limelight with an already pronounced derriere.


She attended the The Herve Ledger Show while decked in a couture gown — but we doubt anyone was looking at her dress!


She made headlines when fans saw this picture of her performance at “Fashion Rocks” of her sitting on her butt. Is that supposed to look like that?


She arrived at the VMAs looking to regain her throne from host Miley Cyrus.


While performing at Hot 97 Summer Jam, fans noticed that her butt was epically huge, igniting new rumors about butt implants.


Horizontal stripes are considered a fashion faux pas because they made you look bigger, which was probably why the rapper opted for this look that accentuated her curves.


While performing at REAL 92.3 Birthday Bash, she showed off her ever-growing assets.


Nicki attended the Givenchy show in a boldly printed gown.


A few weeks ago, she uploaded a video of herself walking, showing off her curves amidst rumors of her “butt dropping.”


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