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Britney Spears Sells Her Water Color Painting For $10,000 And People Are In Awe


Britney Spears is undeniably an artist. Her impressive career in the world of music has seen her garner a cult fan following and a tidy $200 million dollars in the bank, along with multiple highly-coveted awards. However, it would appear that her artistic talent only goes so far.

The ‘Princess of Pop’ may be one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, but it would seem that she isn’t satisfied with simply dominating the music industry. The 35-year-old star has now set her sights upon the art world…

The mother-of-two has been the center of many controversies throughout her life, but her recent decision to turn her talents to painting has left people more conflicted than her infamous 2007 meltdown.

However, there is a reason why she has traded her bejewelled stage costumes for a paint splattered shirt…

The singer recently updated her Instagram account with a short video of her peacefully painting in the gardens of her $8.9 million Californian mansion. The tranquil video is a stark contrast to the blond beauty’s regular uploads, which includes videos of provocatively dancing on stage and pictures of her gym toned body.

Clearly deeply immersed in her work, Spears barely even notices the camera as it pans around her, revealing her masterpiece to her 18 million followers.

The video, which she captioned, “sometimes you just gotta play!!!!”, divided opinion online. Many were impressed by her vision, which included flowers and a muddle of multi-colored lines. However, others were horrified by the creation.

However, one man was so inspired by Britney’s work that he dug deep and paid $10,000 for just one of her canvases…


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