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Brad Pitt Fighting Angelina Jolie Over Holiday Plans — Desperate For Quality Time With Children


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want nothing more than to spend time with their kids over the holidays, but we’ve learned that it’s causing major tension between them. Find out why they’ll have to make a compromise!

Angelina Jolie, 42, and Brad Pitt, 53, couldn’t be more excited about spending the upcoming holidays with their brood, but they’re having some trouble working out the details — especially when it comes to scheduling! “Brad has been frustrated over locking down Thanksgiving plans with his children and the other upcoming holidays with his ex Angelina,” a source close to the actor tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Brad is desperate to spend quality time with his children during the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving is special to Brad and his children because they have a lot of tradition that he wants to keep alive for them.”

“Angie never gets back to Brad in a timely manner and lately they have been only talking through assistants,” our insider added. “As if Thanksgiving plans were not difficult enough to nail down, the entire holiday schedule has become a tense negotiation between the pair. Angie wants to take the kids out of the country for some of the holidays and Brad is still trying to finalize plans for turkey.” Hopefully, the former flames can work something out that will work out great for both of them! They’ve been doing their best to co-parent after she filed for divorce in Sept. 2016 and Angelina even invited Brad to go trick-or-treating while celebrating Halloween with the kids a few weeks ago!

Angelina has really been getting in the spirit lately! The actress reportedly brought treats for her daughter Vivienne’s martial arts, recently dropping by Day Of The Dead-themed cookies. She appears to be in a great place as of now, last arriving in style to the Hollywood Film Awards on Nov. 5, wowing in a silver gown before accepting her prize. Meanwhile, Brad has also been staying on his grind by filming his action flick Ad Astra, even doing a few of his own epic stunts. We hope they have just as much fun over the holidays!


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