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Angelina Jolie ‘Laughed Off’ Near-Run In With Jennifer At Golden Globes: Why She Wasn’t Worried


Some feared things would get awkward between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globes, but we’ve heard Angie wasn’t concered about it at all!

Awkward run-in with your ex’s ex? No sweat! When Angelina Jolie, 42, made a rare awards show appearance by attending the 2018 Golden Globes, she would be at the same event as Jennifer Aniston, 48, a woman Angie will be forever linked to, thanks to their mutual ex – Brad Pitt, 54. While some anticipated Angie and Jen to perhaps have an unbearable run-in or perhaps go at each other like a scene out of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angie wasn’t concerned at all. “Angie feels like everything about Jen is ancient history,” a source close to the star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. “It has been years since Jen was with Brad and it has been a while now since Angelina has been with him too, it’s no big deal to Angelina.”

“When Angelina sees Jen in public, which does happen, as she did at the Golden Globes, Angie hardly gives her a second thought,” the insider tells HollywoodLife.com, adding that Angie “spends little to time” worrying about the drama between her and Jen. To the Girl, Interrupted star, it’s all water under the bridge at this point. In fact, now that it’s been more than twelve years since Brad split from Jen (and the Friends star has been married to Justin Theroux, 46, since 2015) the source says Angie “finder their unique connection as Brad’s exes slightly amusing.”

Angie and Jen came this close to having a run-in at the Globes, but these two former Pitt flames didn’t actually come face-to-face during the Jan. 7 event. If they did have their run-in, it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal for Jennifer, as a source close to the star EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that she was “mentally prepared” for anything. While things did get a little strange when Jen presented right in front of Angelina, but it seems Dakota Johnson, 28, was the only person freaking out about seeing these two so close together.

While Angie and Jen were totally chill with each other at the Golden Globes, their mutual ex. Brad was “furious” that Angie took their son, Pax Pitt-Jolie, 14, as her date to the Golden Globes. Because the Golden Globes are known as the award show where the drinks flow a little more freely, a source close to Brad EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that he was upset that Angelina “did not consult him before taking their son to a major, adult event like that.” Even worse, Brad found out from the rest of the kids “at the last minute!”


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