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All Grown Up!: See What Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, and More Beloved Stars’ Kids Look Like Today


You grew up alongside them, yet you haven’t heard about them in years!

Beloved stars including Elizabeth Taylor and Shirley Temple often stepped out with their kids back in their Hollywood heydays — but do you know what their children look like today?

Lucky for you, we’ve got the photos of your favorite famous families then and now!

The late Elizabeth is, of course, a mom to three children. She welcomed her first child, son Michael Howard Wilding Jr., in 1953 and her second son, Christopher Edward Wilding, in 1955 with her second husband, Michael Wilding. She later welcomed daughter Liza Todd Burton in 1957 with her third husband Mike Todd.

Like their famous mother, Elizabeth’s sons, Michael and Christopher, are both actors. Her daughter, Liza, works as a sculptor and enjoys living as an “ordinary citizen” despite her Hollywood lineage.

Shirley — who sadly passed away at age 85 in February 2014 — was also a mother-of-three. She gave birth to her eldest daughter, Linda Susan Agar, in 1948. The actress then had her son, Charles Alden Black Jr., in 1952 and another daughter, Lori Black, 1954 with her second husband, Charles Alden Black.

Shirley’s oldest child, daughter Linda, now works as a librarian. Her son, Charles, is an actor and her youngest daughter, Lori, is a musician.


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